Dial up ISP internet access from ADNS - Miami's affordable internet service provider.
ADNS,internet service provider,isp dial up internet access

Welcome to ADNS low cost dial up isp internet service provider. Call us toll free on 1-877-774-2492


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Windows 98

Close all programs

Click on 'My Computer'

Click on 'Dial-up Networking'

Double click on 'Make a new Connection'

Type '
ADNS.US' where is says 'type a name for the computer you are dialing'

Click Next

Type in the phone number

Click Next

Click Finish

If you want a short-cut on your desktop:

Right click on
ADNS.US icon

Choose 'Create Shortcut'

Click yes on the dialog box that pops up

Outlook Express Settings  
ADNS,internet service provider,isp dial up internet access
Incoming: mail.adns.us
Outgoing: mail.adns.us
User name: name@adns.us
Password: password
Our server requires authentication
for outgoing mail
Set up instructions:
Win95/98 ] [ Win2000 ][ WinXP ]
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ADNS provides affordable dial up internet isp access, national dial up internet access and is an ISP for Miami.

ADNS,internet service provider,isp dial up internet access
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